Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 68 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was all about people you would run either away from or at you. haha We have an investigator named Steven. We went to see him at his work place and as soon as they called him, he bolted away. haha But we later found out that he was running home to see us. He is powerful and Satan is trying to detour him. He had work start at 1 yesterday so he went to the early ward so he could attend all meetings. Then we set an appointment with these 3 guys we contacted on the street. They weren't at their house when we came but we called them and they came running to the appointment. It was nice not to see people running away. haha 

We had a really funny thing also happen to us this week. We went to go see a less active named Rueben. He was making excuses to us again why he wasn't coming to church and reading his Book of Mormon. I was able to bear my testimony about the Book of Mormon. I felt the spirit so strongly. It makes me sad when people don't cherish the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon means everything to me. I have come to know my Savior more than ever. Then after I bore my testimony he finally told us what was really going on. A less active or inactive member has been telling him that the church is satanist and that the Book of Mormon is satanist too. So we knew who this member was so we went to check up on them. They were having their own church service at their house and asked us to join in. We of course were like no. Then we went to another less active family's house. We were talking with them and they were just bashing on members the whole time. Then lots of people came to their home for "prayer." So we left as fast as we could. haha The problems with less actives in Mabvuku. haha 

Then we had a couple of late bloomers this week. We contacted a guy named Emmanuel over a month ago. He was always gone when we tried to see him. But a less active told us he had a referral for us and gave us his house number. Well it wasn't that guys house but we found Emmanuel again. He was really powerful and accepted a baptismal date. Then Gladys is another late bloomer. She told my last companion and I she wanted to be baptized when we visited the less active family she stays with. Then randomly 3 weeks ago the less active family started coming back to church. We were able to teach Gladys and she was baptized this past Saturday. We all come to accept the gospel at different times. Don't lose hope with those that don't seem interested right now. Their time will come when the time is right. 

Bonnie L. Oscarson came and visited my mission. She is amazing and here are a couple of quotes from the conference:

"Be the missionary the Lord called you to be." Brother Oscarson
"This work needs to be continuous." Sister Oscarson 
"The Book of Mormon is an undulated testimony of Jesus Christ." Sister Oscarson

I love this gospel and how it blesses our lives. Be strong and know the Savior is always there to help you through!

Have a great week! 


Sister Arbon

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week 67 in Zimbabwe!!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a week full of reactivation, running away, and powerful investigators. We have been seeing a lot of less actives this week. Our ward has mostly less actives in it so we have been gearing a lot of our energy in reactivation. We ask them always if they are reading the Book of Mormon and 98% of the time it is no. Which saddens me because that is the heart of my testimony. So we have been reading the Book of Mormon with them and explaining different things about it to them. It seems to help them remember why they were baptized in the first place. Helps them have a desire to come back to church to worship the Savior. The Book of Mormon is so vital. We need to read it every day or Satan will slowly creep in and have us forget our testimony. Of course we do not want Satan to win!

Our teaching pool keeps going up and down. I notice our teaching pool is usually good when we have members giving us referrals and working with us. When we as members are not being missionaries and helping the full time missionaries we are not fulfilling our purpose. The best way to share the gospel is serving. Having charity(pure love of Christ) helps us to see that everyone deserves to be happy and loved by learning and accepting the truth. So always remember you have a tag on your heart. Share the gospel with everyone. Even those that we think are too far gone because with Jesus Christ you are never too far gone. 

Alright, let's end on a good note. haha Ngoni is progressing so well. He asks funny funny questions but you can tell he really just wants to know the truth. When we visited him this week Sister Maumbe (a member) was telling us that Ngoni has changed or he is different around us. He usually is quiet and keeps to himself but around us he is talkative and positive. I love how the gospel lets us be our true self. It helps us to be confident and know we are children of God. 

A quote I loved during personal study:

"As we strive to become like God, He can make of us more than we could ever make of ourselves." ~Elder Grow

I love being a missionary serving the Lord in Zimbabwe. The people are so kind and ready for the gospel. I love that the Lord is always there for us. When we are down don't be afraid to cry for help from the Lord. I promise He will help you because He has helped me so many times. Alma 37:37. 

I love you and hope you have a great week!!!!

Sister Arbon

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Week 66 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

The theme of this week is tender mercies in disguise. We have been struggling to find powerful people who will take our teachings seriously. Heavenly Father blessed us with a couple this week. Grace is doing well. She is doing well and loves learning the gospel. Struggle is coming to church. Hopefully, we can have the spirit to guide us and help her progress. Then Nomatter was able to be baptized and be confirmed. She was so ready and prepared by the Lord. We were given a referral of a guy named Ngoni. He is 23 and struggles to believe life is to have joy. His parents died when he was young so we gave him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We had a powerful lesson with him that gave him hope for the future. He came to the baptism on Saturday and is excited about the gospel. He has accepted to be baptized next month. I am grateful to be a missionary and be able to do my part in helping God's children come unto Him. 

I loved this quote this week:

"Salvation is personal but exaltation is a family matter." 

We may think our choices only effect us but it also effects our family as well. I am grateful for a gospel that makes families be able to be sealed together forever. 

I love you all! Have a delightful week!

Sister Arbon

Monday, August 7, 2017

15 Months in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

The Book of Mormon was the theme this week. I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Richards. She talked a lot about how the Book of Mormon is the tool that helps true conversion take place. She taught me more about contacting and teaching with the Book of Mormon. I feel my teaching is improving and the spirit is able to work more of its magic testifying of truth to the people of Mabvuku. We went and we taught Grace about the Book of Mormon. We were able to take Charles with us. Charles is doing so well and being a missionary to all his neighbors. He testified about the Book of Mormon to Grace. I haven't felt the spirit that strong many times on my mission. You know without a shadow of a doubt that is where he gained his testimony and that he will hold onto the Book of Mormon for the rest of his life. With that being said, President Monson this past conference told us that we need to keep our testimony of the Book of Mormon alive. We can't get our testimony and expect for it to stay the same by doing nothing about it. We need to study its teachings each and every day.

We were able to finally start teaching a girl called Nomatter. She is a friend of a recent convert and is progressing so well. She is very smart and has a great desire to be baptized. She is keeping all her commitments and is so excited for this Saturday! I am so excited for her too. There is nothing like being a missionary and having those you teach accept the gospel with all their heart. 

Alright, now it is time for the funnies this week. haha First off, Ishmael the runner. We taught Ishmael the Restoration. He seemed very interested and even accepted a baptismal date. The next time we come, we knock and he asks who it is so we say the missionaries. Then we hear this noise. Sister Mobeana saw Ishmael climb out the window and start to run. I honestly couldn't stop laughing. Zimbabweans can't say no so they just run away. haha Then the last funny. There is this drunk guy that always follows us when we are in a part of our area. Well this week we asked him why he was following us and he told us that he was following his princess(me). haha The struggles of a white lady in Zimbabwe. I hope they made you laugh as much as they made me laugh. 

I love being a missionary. The moments are up and down but always have joy in serving the Lord. 

I love you so much! Have a delightful week!!!

Sister Arbon