Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 50 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was a lovely week. Mbizo is growing and progressing so well. I am grateful that Heavenly Father lets me be a part of it! First off, we went to see an investigator but she wasn't around but Bro Mpofu (a less active) was. We have taught him a couple of times before. He started drinking again and wants to quit before he comes back but he isn't making an effort. So we taught him the word of wisdom. The spirit took a hold of me and I was giving him fire. He knows what he is doing is wrong but he needs to realize Christ truly is his Savior and loves him so much and wants him to come and be cleansed. I saw Bro Mpofu stop and actually not fight back with me that lesson. It would be my dream to see him over drinking and coming back to church. Sis Moyo and her son Solomon are progressing so well. We had a great lesson about the Book of Mormon. We committed them to be baptized! Sis Moyo needs to be legally married and wants the whole family to be baptized. She is amazing and wants to be legally married asap! Then we went to see a cute little 12 yr old named Tafadzwa. He has been coming to church and wants to be baptized. When we went to see him 20 kids came and were a part of the lesson. I wish I could have gotten a picture. I love how little kids are so in tune! Then we were able to see Tinashe finally. haha We were able to discuss the Book of Mormon and such. He has been working on stopping to smoke. He was fasting for a couple days and said his craving was disappearing. I love the gospel and grateful the Atonement of Jesus Christ gives us the power to change and improve! I love being an instrument in the Lord's hands and doing His work!
I love you and hope you have a great week!!!!
Sister Arbon

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 49 in Zimbabwe!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a crazy week in Mbizo. haha We had a lot of investigators that are so prepared but had issues that will stop their baptism at this time but it is okay we can help them better prepare for when the time comes that they are able to enter the waters of baptism. First off I would like to talk about our amazing recent convert Reward. Reward came with us to an appointment and he knows his stuff and is very good at sharing his testimony. He than told us about how he had the opportunity to give a talk this past Sunday. He wasn't nervous at all and was so honored he would get to talk about Jesus Christ's Resurrection. He did an amazing job. Reward is a great example to me of someone who truly treasures the gospel and makes it a part of their lives. We are teaching a family called the Moyos. They are progressing so well and love the gospel. The mom came to general conference and loved the talk that talked about how you should listen to the missionaries and treasure what they say. She took this to heart and loves the teachings. She comments all the time on how there is more light in her home and there is more peace. I love being able to help in the work of the Lord and bring His light to the people of Zimbabwe. Then Sister Dephine's baptism... She came to church a couple Sundays back and told us she would like to be baptized. She was taught by the missionaries before but left for holiday before she could be baptized. She was so prepared. She kept all her commitments and was so eager to enter the cold waters of baptism. She is what you could call "a golden investigator." I love being a missionary and sharing my testimony of my beloved Savior every day. 
A quote I came across the other day: 

"It is not enough, however, merely to believe in Him and His mission. We need to work and learn, search and pray, repent and improve." ~President Thomas S. Monson

I am grateful for the Easter season and how we have a reminder to think about Jesus Christ but lets not just think about Him on holidays but all the time. 

I love you all and hope you have a fantabulous week! 

Sister Arbon

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 48 in Zimbabwe!!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

What I can say about this week is ...... it was amazing!!!! We were able to start teaching Bro Ngwenya's wife about the gospel. Her kids have never told her about it. My favorite moment of the lesson was when Bro Ngwenya bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. I hope I get to see him enter the waters of baptism because I am staying in Mbizo with Sister Wells for one more transfer. That would be my highlight to see him be baptized. We are finding more and more people to teach. We contacted a guy named Tinashe and he came to church. He left though before we got his info. We had a fall through and I just felt like we should walk up the street to a members house. The members weren't there and when we turned around to go somewhere else low and behold Tinashe was there. I love that if we listen to the spirit the work of the Lord goes so much better. We started talking to Tinashe and got his info. He told us he wanted to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We committed him to baptism then and there. One of the easiest baptismal dates I have ever given on mission. I love how the Lord puts His children in the path of the missionaries to help them progress. We had zone meeting and I loved this quote: 

"We are unwavering and energetic in fulfilling our purpose in earnestly and consistently finding, teaching and baptizing families and individuals into the household of God." - Elder Robison
I loved this quote! It truly shows that we always need to be working hard to do the Lord's will. My most favorite part of the week......GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!! Some of my favorite quotes:
"Be willing to stand out, speak up and be different from the world." Pres Nelson
"It takes different voices to make beautiful music." Elder Holland
"Don't fear just live right." Elder Sabin
"Sin resistant doesn't mean sinless." Sister Jones
"We need to preach what we practice." Elder Chistoffersen
I love hearing from the words of the prophet and his apostles. I learned that we are not perfect and we won't be in this life. We are here to improve through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I urge you to do this by daily pray, daily study of the Book of Mormon, partaking of the sacrament every week, and attending the temple as often as possible. I love this gospel and I know if we live these principles we will live with Heavenly Father again.
I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!
Sister Arbon

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 47 in Zimbabwe!!!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was another blessed week in Mbizo! Ali and Lucy were baptized and confirmed. We had to have two baptism. Ali couldn't get work off but she wouldn't let that stop her from getting baptized. So how it worked, Ali was baptized first while Lucy watched over the grinding mill and then when it was over Ali replaced Lucy and then Lucy was baptized. It was amazing. They were so happy and excited even though the water was cold. haha When we visited them after church they kept saying how happy and peaceful they felt. I love being able to help Heavenly Father help His children make a covenant with Him. Bro Raiger's marriage bans are starting soon. I am so excited for him! We were able to meet his wife this week. His wife was telling us that the gospel brought them back together. Raiger was different and it caused his wife and him to separate. Then when we found him and started teaching him the gospel, the gospel started to change him to help him become a better man. His wife saw the change and now they are back together and so excited to be legally married. They cool thing is his wife now wants to learn because of the amazing change in Raiger. I love this gospel and how it helps bring families back together, us to improve and be the best us!!! We were able to watch a LDSFace2Face with Studio C. It was amazing. They talked a lot about the atonement and how that it is their strength and joy.
 The spirit helped me to think of this quote: "Make the atonement personal because Christ did it personally for you!" 
I love it because it is so true! I encourage you all to make the atonement personal. I promise it will bring you so much joy and happiness! I love this gospel and that I am able to testify of my Savior and His Atonement to help my brother and sisters. 

I love you all and hope you have a delightful week!!!

Sister Arbon