Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 3 in Zim

Hello family and friends, 

How is everybody? I miss ya'll!

So I have had a lot of questions about what a normal day is like in the great city of Gweru. 

Wake up at 6:15: get ready, workout, shower, and eat
8: Personal study, companion, and 12 week (new missionary training)
11: Eat lunch
12: Head out and teach my lovely Zimbabweans
6: (it gets super dark at 6 and we are suppose to be home before dark) come home close for the day and cook dinner and hang out with the other sisters. 

This week has been pretty great. Up and down but mostly up. A sister named Faith comes out with us to teach quite a few times throughout the week. She is awesome. She is a rm and she served in Zambia. Tons of appts fall through everyday which is a little frustrating. Zimbabweans are really bad at keeping their word. They tell you they will do something and it never happens. So we were just walking around on Tuesday and Sister Bandi just gets the impression to stop and talk to an older woman. She was so receptive to what we taught her. She is definitely meant for sister Bandi. We teach this family and you can just tell they just don't really get along. So sad to see. I know if they would just trust the Savior and the cleansing power of the Atonement all would be well. 
On Wednesday more appts kept falling through. So I was thinking/praying Heavenly Father please lead us to someone that needs us. We walked around for about ten minutes and these two guys stop and talk with us. One of the men struggle with drinking and we told him about our loving Savior who could help. I love how Heavenly Father answers prayers! 
On Thursday we taught a guy named Watson a preacher who is so accepting of the gospel which is always awesome and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! Yay! Then we taught a guy named Simon. He is a friend of a guy in the ward. He is also accepting of the gospel. So we got into a combie to go home and the driver saw the cops coming after him so he started driving off and he almost hit into another combie. We are safe so don't worry. Just crazy Zimbabweans. haha Got to love them. 
On Friday we taught our recent convert about the Book of Mormon. I love that book more then you can believe. She hasn't been coming to church so it has been frustrating. My teaching skills are okay but practice makes perfect right? I get better each day. Thanks to my Savior!
On Saturday we went to Sister Erickson and Otieno's Baptism. Their investigator was so ready. The spirit was so strong there. We taught a couple lessons after about the Restoration. Love Joseph Smith! Then we went and contacted like champs. A drunk guy asked me to marry him. That was interesting. Then we walked into town and started to chat with this guy that we have seen before and this other guy tried to get my attention but I didn't see him. Then he kept walking and I waved at him. So he came and started creepin on me. Kept asking where I lived and if we could date and go somewhere to talk. Then the district leaders came to the rescue. Up to 13 marriage proposals. 
On Sunday we had church. Love taking the sacrament. The little kids are so cute. Love giving them treats. We visited Ayanda ( my favorite) he is so cute and 10 and I love teaching him. I hope to get a picture next week. 
Love the work with all my heart! Ether 12:27 rings true to me everyday. Heavenly Father tests me and strengthens me more than I can imagine. The Atonement can help you with everything just put it to work. I love ya'll!

Sister Arbon

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 2 in Zim

P day, love it. We played soccer with the people of our zone and it was awesome! I love sports, what can I say. 
Woke up and the power was out. We had district meeting which was so good and full of the spirit. I definitely miss my american food. We talked to a recent convert about temples. Let's just say that is my favorite subject. My companion talks most of the time so it is hard to get a word in here and there but it is getting better. My zipper on my skirt broke so I had to keep pulling it up and readjusting it the whole day. My companion laughed about that every time I would fix my skirt. haha We taught a guy named Moses. He works across the street from the church so that is convenient. It takes him a while to understand things but when he does understand them so good. We are teaching a family of a recent convert. The whole family are members but the dad. He is softening up to us so it is awesome. I picture the family all in white at the temple. 
It is starting to get cold. I never thought Zim would ever be that cold. Gweru is the coldest part of Zim. We contact a lot. We find random people on the street and teach. I love how nice Zimbabweans are. It was Sister Otieno's birthday so we had a party which was way cool. 
We have a lot of appts cancel but then we find others to teach. We run from appt to appt. I love staying busy. We teach a lot of people that struggle with english it makes it hard but you got to love the spirit and how it teaches. 
Friday: We taught our recent convert and a new investigator. They learn very slowly but it is all good as long as they understand it. I am up to 9 marriage proposals. The Zim men I swear have a problem. 
We taught our recent convert about the Book of Mormon. Man I love the Book of Mormon. I can't get enough of it. Then appts started falling through like crazy. So we would walk around and talk to as many people as possible. We walked down a street we haven't before and 6 young guys were on the street and my companion saw them and freaked a little so I was like lets turn around but then she was like no we can walk down the street. We started talking to them and teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was going well but then a 16 year starting creeping on me. He wanted me to date him and other weird stuff so we left. I kept getting the hebegebes but all is well now. 
We had a coordination meeting which was good. the work is growing. I love seeing it. Love church. I am the only white person but I feel like a fit in so all is well. We brought sweets for the kids and they would not leave us alone. I loved it. They are adorable. We talked to Moses again. He is progressing really well. Maybe baptism very soon. Then we headed home in a combie(all we ride in Gweru). They shove as many people in them. So you could say you don't know uncomfortable till you get in a combie. haha Then we visited a lady that is less active and taught her about faith and repentance. The spirit was so strong. She said she will come to church on Sunday I am crossing my fingers. Then we went to Landa's house. A cute 10 year old. He is my favorite. We get along so well. Hopefully I can get a picture with him soon. 

Love you all!

Sister Arbon

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 1 in Zimbabwe

Hey ya'll!
I am in Zim! I am still catching myself saying I can't believe I am in Zim! I am assigned to Gweru.My new companion is Sister Bandi! She is so beautiful, crazy, fun, and awesome! We are white washing our area. We walked right into a baptism. Sister Grace is now a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints! Yay! Can you believe I am living in the same house as Sister Erickson.? So grateful. Our house not going to lie is pretty nasty. haha The first day was hard. I missed america so much but Zim is growing on me. I am one of like 3 white people in zim. I have been asked by 3 men to get married. haha Combies that we ride in everyday are death traps. I miss my mountains. I am starting to feel that I am black. haha The weather is so nice. Sadly it is winter. I am going to die in the summer. Love the people here. they are so friendly. My dl's and zl's are awesome. Our house got a washer so I don't have to bucket wash! Praises! I have only seen like 3 spiders and coc roches. so that is good. I am struggling with the culture a little bit but all good. I shower works so no more bucket showers. I am a lucky duck that is for sure. haha I have learned like 5 words in shona. So people are shocked that I am even trying to speak their language haha. the first time I went walking in our area there was some kids that just scream and looking at me because am white. So funny. I ate one of the catipillar things. So gross. haha We taught some recent converts yesterday. They are so cute. they are two little black boys. Makes me miss my Kai and Kael. We taught a part member family also. The dad has a hang up with the church but you can tell he knows it is true. drives me crazy but everyone has their agency. We talk about temples so much I feel in heaven! I am so excited for the Harare Zimbabwe Temple!
Sending love from Zim!
Sister Arbon

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 2 in Africa

Holy Cow what a great week!

Lots of learning that is for sure! The teachers here are awesome. We have so many classes each day. So it is really hard not to drag the whole day. We are teaching pretend investigators. We are learning so much from this! I am so excited to teach in Zim! We got to go to the Joburg temple on thursday! So beautiful but super small. I played basketball with the boys the other day and it was so fun! I did win a game of lightning. All I can say is pro status! We watched an mtc devotional by Elder Oaks! Amazing! He said that it isn't our mission it is Christ's mission! So you bet that the mission is going to be hard but totally worth it! I got a new companion. Sister Hopkins the only other American sister. Don't worry the President Ashton does this every set of missionaries that come to the mtc. So we got some drama on Sunday. A companionship in our room has been flirting with boys and such. So, she had to talk with president. Then the companionship was moved to another district and room because a sister was struggling with her testimony. Ever since that some of the South Africa sisters have been offish to me and Sister Hopkins but it is okay. It is all resolved. :) We learned a lot about testifying on Sunday. Seriously think about it. No one can tell you your testimony is wrong. Love learning! I have been learning how being humble is so key to being a missioniary. I love that quality because it helps you to become better Ether 12:27! I have a couple photos of all the missioniaries in the mtc. 

I love you all!

Sister Arbon

Monday, May 2, 2016

Africans can't play volleyball

Hello Everybody,
The flight, not going to lie, was terrible. 15 hours on a plane killed me. The first night in the MTC was hard but the Holy Ghost pushed me through. All the the missionaries arrived Thursday. There are a total of 6 sisters and 17 Elders. My companion's name is Sister Dyantyisi. Can't really pronounce her name. She is from South Africa. haha Grandpa there is one from Samoa here. haha Also there is an Elder Van Meirek. No idea how to say his name but his name is dutch and he has been flirting with me. Such a dinker. haha Every time he talks to me I think about grandpa telling me I would find my husband that is dutch in the mtc. bahaha. I have two teachers named Brother Moshani and Sister Molomo. They are awesome and I am learning so much from them. We got pretend investigators the second night in the mtc. (they are the teachers) My companion and I have been struggling with teaching. Last night though we finally started clicking and we taught with the spirit. That is truly an amazing feeling. On Sunday we had church in the MTC. That was weird but really good. We had a relief society/elders quorm lesson by the mtc pres and his wife. She spoke about how Heavenly Father is protecting and keeping things at home. This reasurred me that this is where I am suppose to be. She also gave us a motto ALL IN! So that is my motto for my mission. The food here is less sweet. I would not have thought the mtc could have so much gluten but it does. I try not to eat it. So don't worry, I am healthy as a horse. haha We get to exercise every day which is great and so relaxing. We played volleyball yesterday. All I can say is that Africans can't play volleyball. haha If you have certain questions please ask me than I will answer you because I am not sure what to tell you guys. I want to bare my testimony that the mtc is a powerful place. My testimony and faith has grown more than I thought it could. I know the Savior lives and that He performed the Atonement that we have the opportunity to have its enabling and cleansing power. I am so excited to go to Zim. They are so ready so hear God's love!
Lots of Love,
Sister Arbon