Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 2 in Zim

P day, love it. We played soccer with the people of our zone and it was awesome! I love sports, what can I say. 
Woke up and the power was out. We had district meeting which was so good and full of the spirit. I definitely miss my american food. We talked to a recent convert about temples. Let's just say that is my favorite subject. My companion talks most of the time so it is hard to get a word in here and there but it is getting better. My zipper on my skirt broke so I had to keep pulling it up and readjusting it the whole day. My companion laughed about that every time I would fix my skirt. haha We taught a guy named Moses. He works across the street from the church so that is convenient. It takes him a while to understand things but when he does understand them so good. We are teaching a family of a recent convert. The whole family are members but the dad. He is softening up to us so it is awesome. I picture the family all in white at the temple. 
It is starting to get cold. I never thought Zim would ever be that cold. Gweru is the coldest part of Zim. We contact a lot. We find random people on the street and teach. I love how nice Zimbabweans are. It was Sister Otieno's birthday so we had a party which was way cool. 
We have a lot of appts cancel but then we find others to teach. We run from appt to appt. I love staying busy. We teach a lot of people that struggle with english it makes it hard but you got to love the spirit and how it teaches. 
Friday: We taught our recent convert and a new investigator. They learn very slowly but it is all good as long as they understand it. I am up to 9 marriage proposals. The Zim men I swear have a problem. 
We taught our recent convert about the Book of Mormon. Man I love the Book of Mormon. I can't get enough of it. Then appts started falling through like crazy. So we would walk around and talk to as many people as possible. We walked down a street we haven't before and 6 young guys were on the street and my companion saw them and freaked a little so I was like lets turn around but then she was like no we can walk down the street. We started talking to them and teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was going well but then a 16 year starting creeping on me. He wanted me to date him and other weird stuff so we left. I kept getting the hebegebes but all is well now. 
We had a coordination meeting which was good. the work is growing. I love seeing it. Love church. I am the only white person but I feel like a fit in so all is well. We brought sweets for the kids and they would not leave us alone. I loved it. They are adorable. We talked to Moses again. He is progressing really well. Maybe baptism very soon. Then we headed home in a combie(all we ride in Gweru). They shove as many people in them. So you could say you don't know uncomfortable till you get in a combie. haha Then we visited a lady that is less active and taught her about faith and repentance. The spirit was so strong. She said she will come to church on Sunday I am crossing my fingers. Then we went to Landa's house. A cute 10 year old. He is my favorite. We get along so well. Hopefully I can get a picture with him soon. 

Love you all!

Sister Arbon


  1. What a great missionary week!

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