Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 11 in Zimbabwe

Hello people that I love!
Monday: Love P-day! We did the usual: clean, email, and shop. Played some soccer with our zone. Not going to lie started hating playing soccer. It gets to competitive and people start putting the other down which is so not cool.
Tuesday: We had district meeting. I gave the Doctrinal Study on How to Set Goals. My poor district. They have to listen to me teach. haha We taught Simon about the Law of Chasity. Not going to lie it was awkward. hahaha Then we contacted for a bit. Then we taught Fixon the rest of the Restoration.
Wednesday: Today I struggled in the morning because I felt like an inadequate missionary.  Then we started moving in the area and my purpose hit me like a wave from the ocean. Heavenly Father sent me to Zim to find people that need me and need to hear my voice. We asked this guy if we could teach him and he accepted. We taught a little bit about the Restoration. We taught a guy named Paul. He was a joker at first but now it serious. I love it. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he understands it! Yeah buddy!!!! We taught Sister Violet about scripture study. Then we went and saw the Murrahwa family. They are so cute and nice.
Thursday: Weekly planning my favorite. jk haha I really do like it because it helps us to be more effective missionaries. We taught a guy we found at our church about God being a loving Heavenly Father. Then we went tracting. Two guys stopped us and asked us to teach them. Love people like that. We taught them about the plan of salvation. Then President Mkhabela came into town. He brought a couple missionary. They checked my shoulder and all is well. President brought me a package and I almost screamed and gave him a hug. haha Then we taught Simba about the first part of the Restoration and he understands it very well.
Friday: We had to go to the tent cops about the robbery we had. Shock they didn't find the guy who did it. Then we went and taught the two guys we found tracting. They seem to understand. We taught Victor(Recent Convert) about service.  Then we had coordination. Then we taught Simon about the Word of Wisdom and tithing. Up to a whoooping 37 marriage proposals. haha
Saturday: Went and saw the Shava's. Love that family. Then we taught Paul about the BoM and why it i so important. Then we taught a less active about the same thing. Then we taught the one guy Edward who we asked if we could teach him about the sabbath day. Then we taught Simba and his friend about prophets. Went super well. Then Simon had his baptismal interview and he passed!
Sunday: I love Sundays! Learned about service and missionary work. Got to love missionary work! Then we had Simon's baptism. His testimony floored me. I didn't expect it to be that strong. So excited for his future. Then we taught bro Misi about prophets. We said goodbye to Elder Nyamhuri. Going to miss him. He was a fabulous zone leader. Then we taught Ayanda about the Book of Mormon. Then we taught Malvin about prayer.
Love being a missionary! Zimbabwe is my true love! Prayer is key to feeling the Lord's love!
Sister Arbon

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 10 in Zimbabwe

Hola Family and Friends,
Not going to lie this week was hard but the Lord was by my side every step of the way! I can't believe I have been in Zimbabwe for 10 weeks!
Monday: Today was a super long day. Sister Bandi and Talemwa got their hair done and it took 5 and 1/2 hours. I thought I was going to die in the Salon. haha Because the hair took so long we weren't able to do a whole lot else on pday.
Tuesday: We had Zone Meeting today. Zone meeting was awesome. Elder Chimukuzi (my district leader) gave advice about surviving mission because he is going home after this transfer. I loved it because it helped me see there are good and bad days and the good days surpass the bad days. We taught Simon about faith and repentance. I gave him fire because he wasn't keeping his commitments. I think it helped because he seems more serious. Two guys tried to hug me today. Don't worry I used my ninja moves and got out of it. hahaha We met with Tawanda and talked about temples. I love temples! Then Elder Scoresby gave me a blessing for my shoulder. The blessing comforted me so well. Scoresby said my shoulder will be healed and many Zimbabweans will hear my voice. I love being a missionary and being able to help my brothers and sisters come unto Christ.
Wednesday: I studied about faith for personal study. It helped me so much to learn more about it. It gave me hope that everything will be alright. We headed to Ivene and a combie driver gave us a free lift there. There was another guy in the car and he said to come teach him. So we followed him to his house and taught him, his brother, his sister, and mother about the Book of Mormon. So cool how the Lord puts people in your path to teach. Then we taught Sister Violet about the Book of Mormon and word of Wisdom. She is awesome. She just needs to come to church. We found this older guy and helped him with his yard and taught him a little bit. Service goes a long way.
Thursday: Weekly planning was a lot better this week. haha Then the Zone leaders came over to fix our water tank. Elder Nyamhuri made me hold his plate while he ate and made me give him water because his hands hurt. I couldn't stop laughing. We taught Victor our recent convert about missionary work. Then we taught Simon about the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. He is coming along. Then we taught Bro Phiri about the 10 commandments.
Friday: We had a lot of fall throughs so we contacted forever. Contacting is starting to bug me. I just want to teach and help people make the covenant of baptism. I know it will come if we keep working hard. Up to 35 marriage proposals. haha We taught Bro Phiri about Prayer. Then we went to the Shava's and had coordination. I love that family. They are amazing. The STLs came to do exchanges with Sister Bandi and I.
Saturday: We went to Sister Erickson and Talemwa's baptism. So good and the guy was so ready. Then I went with Sister Nafula (STL) to Ivene. A lot of appt we had fell through. We met with Sister Violet and talked about the 10 commandments. She is so ready for baptism. She just needs to come to church.Then we taught Sister Grace about pressing forward. I felt like I needed that lesson along with them. I was struggling with some things and it helped me to be a more diligent missionary. Then we taught these people that called us over to teach them. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. Elder Nyamhuri taught me how to tie a tie. He is awesome. I am going to miss him when he heads home.
Sunday: Church was fabulous! Lots of talk about temples (my favorite subject!) Then we taught Trish about the Restoration. She is a girlfriend of a guy in our ward. Then we taught Moses about the priesthood. Then we chatted to Sister Faith because she has been struggling. Then we saw Sister Violet again and talked to her about temples. Made me miss my Ogden Utah temple.
I love being a missionary! I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love my Zimbabwe!
Sister Arbon

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 9 in Zimbabwe

Hello Family and Friends!

I don't have a lot of time today so this weekly email will be short and sweet. This week was super slow. We had a lot of fall throughs. There has been some political unrest so we had to go to the other sister's area because we only had one phone for one day. I loved their area. So humble and the people are so kind. We had interviews with President on Thursday. His advice truly was amazing. He told me that I can't rely on my trainer and I need to be an independent missionary. I have been struggling with my companion so this helped me realize that if she has problems and won't tell that I do not need to worry about it and just focus on being the Lord's servant. Bro Phiri is progressing! Hopefully he will get married soon. Crossing my fingers. I am up to a whopping 30 marriage proposals. Zimbabwean men seriously have issues. haha I love missionary work! I love Zimbabwe! So grateful for the Atonement and the strength it gives me everyday. 

Have a fabulous week and try and share the gospel with someone who doesn't have it!


Sister Arbon 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 8 in Zimbabwe

Hello Everyone!

Monday: We cleaned so much. Our house is looking so good though. Emailed, played soccer, and shopped. 

Tuesday: We had district meeting. We learned about the priesthood power and how we have a special authority as missionaries. We taught Bro Phiri about the plan & we found out he isn't legally married. So we have to postpone his baptism till his wife comes into town. We gave a guy named Fixon a tour of the church. Then we taught Tawanda a worker at Pick and Pay we see all the time. The lesson went well. We taught him about the Restoration. 

Wednesday: We taught Sis Violet about the Plan of Salvation. She understands and asks amazing questions. We tried to see a ton of people but they weren't home. We saw a guy named Bro Banda. He is a cool dude. We showed us around the place he works. He works at a water plant. Then we contacted like it was going out of style. 

Thursday: Weekly planning might kill me but i love it because it makes our week run smoother. We contacted a ton in town because our appts didnt show up. Then we taught Bro Phiri again about the word of wisdom. Then we contacted even more. 

Friday: Crazy day. We had Zone conference. Loved it. Love seeing all the missionaries and learning different things to be a better missionary. A quote from Sis Mkhabela, "you can't enjoy what you haven't done." We taught Bro Phiri again. Love him. Then we had coordination at Bro Shava's house. I love that family. Then we came home and found out our house was robbed. Money and other things are gone. Sad but at least we are okay. We had to stay at the other sisters house. Super nasty. 

Saturday: We went to the police station. It was a tent. haha We then after a while went home and then went out. We taught Bro Banda and he understood the restoration pretty well.  

Sunday: Love Fast Sunday. Brings the spirt so well. Love hearing the member's testimonies. Bro Phiri came to church. Then we went to the ward's baptism after. Then we shared a mini lesson with a part member family. Then we saw Ayanda and talked about the Book of Mormon. Then us crazy sisters had so much fun just chilling and chatting. 

I love Zimbabwe. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love serving my Savior everyday. Be ALL IN always!

Love you guys!

Sister Arbon