Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 55 in Zimbabwe!!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week let's just say Sister Arbon was and is very lost in Mabvuku. haha I am enjoying it though. I guess you could say that happens when you go to a new area with a new companion. I love Sister Diing. She is a hard worker and loves to be a missionary. We speed walk everywhere. haha Watch out Mabvuku we are coming for you! haha I got thrown into a Wedding and a baptism. The Dore family were the ones getting married and baptized. They were so ready and are prepared. Their wedding was beautiful and the ward helped so much with it. Their baptism was the next day and it was a little random but it worked out. Then we were able to meet with Aisha. She was taught by the previous missionaries but she had to go away for some reason. Now she is back and ready to move forward. She remembered her appointment and even ran to it so she was on time. She is so prepared and ready to enter the waters of baptism. I love being a missionary. It is hard adjusting sometimes but we always have the Lord by our side to help us through. 

I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week!!!

Sister Arbon

Week 54 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a week of goodbyes! I got transfer news and now I am headed to Harare to serve in Mabvuku. I am very excited for the new adventure ahead but sad to leave my beloved Mbizo. I was able to hear Bro Ngwenya give his final testimony to me and Sister Wells. He testified about the Book of Mormon and its truth and how it answers all questions of life. The Moyo Family is progressing so well! They came to church on Sunday and are excited to be legally married in the future. We had to say goodbye to the Sithole's. I am going to miss them. They made me feel so at home and loved. I love being a missionary and serving the Lord. Changes come but they are suppose to help us become better. 

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 

Sister Arbon

Week 53 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a missionary week in Mbizo! Our cute little recent convert Tafadzwa wanted to work with us this week and be a missionary. He is 12 and we thought he couldn't speak a lick of English. We were scared to take him with us because we thought he would do more harm than good. But when we went to pick him up he had all his pamphlets packed and his scriptures in his backpack. He came with us and he knew a ton of English. He did such a good job at translating. I love those that love the gospel and want to share it with others. With that being said, Sister Moyo our cute investigators tells us when we visited her that she was being a missionary and "preaching to her neighboor." So we were able to visit with this Baba(father) and he loved the teachings and even came to church on Sunday! I love how the gospel and sharing it with others is so exciting and brings so much joy! Vanessa and Tendai were baptized!!!! They were so cute this week. We told them that they had to be interviewed before their baptism. They were so nervous and they made sure we went over the questions with them so they could be prepared. We were able to get them prepared and guess what ...... they passed their interview! For the baptism on Saturday we got everything prepared 30 mins to 10. At 10 no baptismal candidates or the people giving the talks or our ward mission leader. Average Zimbabwe Baptism time. haha We were able to start half passed so that was good. The baptism was so simple but so peaceful. Vanessa said she had no words to describe how she felt but she did a gesture with an excited smile on her face and hands going up. So it was all good! 

Here are a couple of quotes I loved during personal study this past week:

"Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep trusting. Keep believing. Keep growing. Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever." -Elder Holland

"No one can do this on our own power. None of us will ever be 'good enough,' save through the merits and mercy of Jesus Christ, but because God respects our agency, we cannot be saved without our trying." Elder Cornish

I love being a missionary in Zimbabwe! I am grateful for the Savior who helps us to be "good enough." I know if we come to Him by faith and repentance we will be able to have eternal life filled with eternal joy. Happy Mother's day to all the amazing mothers out there. I sure enjoyed talking to my momma!  

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Arbon

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

1 Year in Zimbabwe!!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a blessed week in Mbizo! We had exchanges with our amazing STLs! I was blessed to be able to go with Sister Erickson. She is always so kind and a great example. She helped me to see things that I can improve on and the encouragement I needed to do those things. We were able to meet with Vanessa and Tendai. A recent convert of ours named Lucy invited her friends to come to church. We got to meet with them this week and they have a desire to be baptized. They are great about keeping their commitments and truly learning as much as they can about the gospel. I am excited for them this coming Saturday to enter the waters of baptism. We were also able to meet with Sister Moyo. She has such a love of the gospel and a desire to be baptized. I am sad that her husband wants to delay being married. I know one day she will have her dreams come true! Tafadzwa was baptized this past Saturday! When we took our district leader to interview him he wasn't home. I was very nervous but I felt calm that he would come early the next day to be interviewed and than baptized shortly after. About 10 mins after we pulled into the church parking lot here comes Tafadzwa and our district leader. I love the spirit and how it truly is our comforter! Tafadzwa was so happy and he couldn't stop smiling. His dreams came true about being baptized. The next day he was confirmed and he gave the cutest testimony during fast and testimony meeting. I love fast and testimony meetings in Zimbabwe. There is never a break. The whole hour is filled with beautiful testimonies. I am grateful Heavenly Father sent me to Zimbabwe to help teach His Children and so that I can learn the lessons that I am learning. I know this gospel is true without a doubt. I know Christ is our Savior and Redeemer! 

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Sister Arbon 

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 51 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a good week in Mbizo! We had a lot of learning experiences this week. I had interviews with President. We talked a lot about how mission is supposed to be enjoyed and not just endured. I never really thought mission was suppose to be fun. I have seen it as hard and you would receive joy when your investigators progress and are baptized. It opened my eyes to life. Like in 2 Nephi 2: 25 "Men are that they may have joy." It is a given that life is hard but it is suppose to be joyful. Instead of just going through challenges alone let the Savior be by your side. He is our only source of Joy! This said we saw Bro Ngwenya. We discussed the Book of Mormon and such. Then he told us how before we met him he was always sad because of his past and never was happy. He said that because we brought the gospel to his life he has been able to let go of his past and have joy. I love this man. He is my favorite investigator of all time. I wish with all my heart I could help him be baptized. But at least I can see the Atonement of Jesus Christ in his life. We also had zone conference this week. I love zone conference because you learn so much and it re-motivates you to be a better missionary. Some quotes from zone conference that I enjoyed:

Sister Mkhabela:
"Wake up every morning wanting to please Jesus Christ."
President Mkhabela:
"Never despair because you have the gospel."
"When you fall, stand up!"
"Having the spirit takes work."
"Ask how not why when obstacles come your way."

I love how these quotes deal with working hard by the spirit. Also that the Lord is always there to help us get back up and move forward. This being said there is a family we are teaching called the Moyos. We have finally met with the Baba (father) and he accepted to be baptized. They didn't come to church on Sunday so we went to see what is up. One of their drunk neighbors came while we were there. He started bashing the church and saying that we worship Joseph Smith. Brother and Sister Moyo told him no we don't do that. They testified how Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. Most of all that this is Jesus Christ's true church. I think they needed this experience to realize that the church is true and worth fighting for. I love this gospel and I am grateful to be Jesus Christ's missionary. He is helping me become a better disciple and overall person. I love this gospel. I never want to know life without it!!!

Have a lovely week!

Sister Arbon