Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 51 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a good week in Mbizo! We had a lot of learning experiences this week. I had interviews with President. We talked a lot about how mission is supposed to be enjoyed and not just endured. I never really thought mission was suppose to be fun. I have seen it as hard and you would receive joy when your investigators progress and are baptized. It opened my eyes to life. Like in 2 Nephi 2: 25 "Men are that they may have joy." It is a given that life is hard but it is suppose to be joyful. Instead of just going through challenges alone let the Savior be by your side. He is our only source of Joy! This said we saw Bro Ngwenya. We discussed the Book of Mormon and such. Then he told us how before we met him he was always sad because of his past and never was happy. He said that because we brought the gospel to his life he has been able to let go of his past and have joy. I love this man. He is my favorite investigator of all time. I wish with all my heart I could help him be baptized. But at least I can see the Atonement of Jesus Christ in his life. We also had zone conference this week. I love zone conference because you learn so much and it re-motivates you to be a better missionary. Some quotes from zone conference that I enjoyed:

Sister Mkhabela:
"Wake up every morning wanting to please Jesus Christ."
President Mkhabela:
"Never despair because you have the gospel."
"When you fall, stand up!"
"Having the spirit takes work."
"Ask how not why when obstacles come your way."

I love how these quotes deal with working hard by the spirit. Also that the Lord is always there to help us get back up and move forward. This being said there is a family we are teaching called the Moyos. We have finally met with the Baba (father) and he accepted to be baptized. They didn't come to church on Sunday so we went to see what is up. One of their drunk neighbors came while we were there. He started bashing the church and saying that we worship Joseph Smith. Brother and Sister Moyo told him no we don't do that. They testified how Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. Most of all that this is Jesus Christ's true church. I think they needed this experience to realize that the church is true and worth fighting for. I love this gospel and I am grateful to be Jesus Christ's missionary. He is helping me become a better disciple and overall person. I love this gospel. I never want to know life without it!!!

Have a lovely week!

Sister Arbon

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