Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 2 in Africa

Holy Cow what a great week!

Lots of learning that is for sure! The teachers here are awesome. We have so many classes each day. So it is really hard not to drag the whole day. We are teaching pretend investigators. We are learning so much from this! I am so excited to teach in Zim! We got to go to the Joburg temple on thursday! So beautiful but super small. I played basketball with the boys the other day and it was so fun! I did win a game of lightning. All I can say is pro status! We watched an mtc devotional by Elder Oaks! Amazing! He said that it isn't our mission it is Christ's mission! So you bet that the mission is going to be hard but totally worth it! I got a new companion. Sister Hopkins the only other American sister. Don't worry the President Ashton does this every set of missionaries that come to the mtc. So we got some drama on Sunday. A companionship in our room has been flirting with boys and such. So, she had to talk with president. Then the companionship was moved to another district and room because a sister was struggling with her testimony. Ever since that some of the South Africa sisters have been offish to me and Sister Hopkins but it is okay. It is all resolved. :) We learned a lot about testifying on Sunday. Seriously think about it. No one can tell you your testimony is wrong. Love learning! I have been learning how being humble is so key to being a missioniary. I love that quality because it helps you to become better Ether 12:27! I have a couple photos of all the missioniaries in the mtc. 

I love you all!

Sister Arbon

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