Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 3 in Zim

Hello family and friends, 

How is everybody? I miss ya'll!

So I have had a lot of questions about what a normal day is like in the great city of Gweru. 

Wake up at 6:15: get ready, workout, shower, and eat
8: Personal study, companion, and 12 week (new missionary training)
11: Eat lunch
12: Head out and teach my lovely Zimbabweans
6: (it gets super dark at 6 and we are suppose to be home before dark) come home close for the day and cook dinner and hang out with the other sisters. 

This week has been pretty great. Up and down but mostly up. A sister named Faith comes out with us to teach quite a few times throughout the week. She is awesome. She is a rm and she served in Zambia. Tons of appts fall through everyday which is a little frustrating. Zimbabweans are really bad at keeping their word. They tell you they will do something and it never happens. So we were just walking around on Tuesday and Sister Bandi just gets the impression to stop and talk to an older woman. She was so receptive to what we taught her. She is definitely meant for sister Bandi. We teach this family and you can just tell they just don't really get along. So sad to see. I know if they would just trust the Savior and the cleansing power of the Atonement all would be well. 
On Wednesday more appts kept falling through. So I was thinking/praying Heavenly Father please lead us to someone that needs us. We walked around for about ten minutes and these two guys stop and talk with us. One of the men struggle with drinking and we told him about our loving Savior who could help. I love how Heavenly Father answers prayers! 
On Thursday we taught a guy named Watson a preacher who is so accepting of the gospel which is always awesome and he accepted the invitation to be baptized! Yay! Then we taught a guy named Simon. He is a friend of a guy in the ward. He is also accepting of the gospel. So we got into a combie to go home and the driver saw the cops coming after him so he started driving off and he almost hit into another combie. We are safe so don't worry. Just crazy Zimbabweans. haha Got to love them. 
On Friday we taught our recent convert about the Book of Mormon. I love that book more then you can believe. She hasn't been coming to church so it has been frustrating. My teaching skills are okay but practice makes perfect right? I get better each day. Thanks to my Savior!
On Saturday we went to Sister Erickson and Otieno's Baptism. Their investigator was so ready. The spirit was so strong there. We taught a couple lessons after about the Restoration. Love Joseph Smith! Then we went and contacted like champs. A drunk guy asked me to marry him. That was interesting. Then we walked into town and started to chat with this guy that we have seen before and this other guy tried to get my attention but I didn't see him. Then he kept walking and I waved at him. So he came and started creepin on me. Kept asking where I lived and if we could date and go somewhere to talk. Then the district leaders came to the rescue. Up to 13 marriage proposals. 
On Sunday we had church. Love taking the sacrament. The little kids are so cute. Love giving them treats. We visited Ayanda ( my favorite) he is so cute and 10 and I love teaching him. I hope to get a picture next week. 
Love the work with all my heart! Ether 12:27 rings true to me everyday. Heavenly Father tests me and strengthens me more than I can imagine. The Atonement can help you with everything just put it to work. I love ya'll!

Sister Arbon

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