Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 4 in Zimbabwe

Dear Family and Friends,
An average P-day. Played soccer with the Elders. Love playing soccer with the Elders. I feel more like me while playing. We also taught Moses about the Book of Mormon. He is progressing very well. He takes a while but when he gets it he definitely understands it.
We had district meeting. Love spending time with the other missionaries. We taught a guy named Watson a preacher. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and receiving answers from the holy ghost. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. Then we taught a guy named Nasha. So receptive to the gospel but he doesn't live in Gweru. I hope the missionaries in Harare can keep him going. Then the Zone leaders came over and ate dinner with them. They are awesome.
We went and taught a mom of an investigator we have and she got way into the lesson. I love seeing people know there is something special about it and what to learn more. Then we went to see Sister Chuma and talked about the Holy Ghost. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and how it  blesses me so much each and everyday. Then we taught an investigator brother Simon. That lesson touched me because we were talking about the Book of Mormon and I felt like our spirits were confirming to each other that what we were teaching is true. I felt the prompting to ask him to be baptized but my companion never stopped long enough for me to ask.

We had a ton of appt fall through. We went and saw sister Grace. She is so eager to learn but has the wrong friends who are leading her away. We had a recent convert named Victor come with us but appt kept falling through. He is so awesome. He has grown so much and he will do great things in the church. Then we headed to Bro Shava's house. The 2nd counselor in the bishop bric and chatted with them for a little bit. Then we went to another members house and visited with them. Such a good family. We need to grow closer to the members. They are the key to finding new people and keeping them active in the church. 

Zim is having money struggles so everyone is lined up at the ATMs. So we had to wait in line for hours only to get half of our allotment. We had to survive a couple of days without our allotment. Scary but eye opening. We went and saw the Dubes (sadly not related to Elder Dube). They just need a push and they will be back. Then we went to the Shava's house for a lesson then coordination. Then they fed us such yummy food. Love that family.
Went to Sister Erickson and Otieno's baptism. Then we contacted and taught bro Watson. He has a hang up with coming to church. I want to know why. While we were contacting there was a group of 9 guys and I invited them to church on Sunday. They got excited because I was white and they wanted pictures with me. Kinda funny if you ask me. I am up to a lovely number of 19 marriage proposals. haha.
Fast and testimony meeting was amazing. The members are so strong. My companion and I struggle with sunday school and relief society because they speak in shona most of the time. So we are lucky if we know what is going on. We went to the area but more appt fell through. Then sister Bandi got sick so we went back to the apartment. The district leaders came over for pizza and treats. Love them!
We flooded our house. So we cleaned that up for most of the morning. We were trying to clean our big blanket and forgot that we left the water on until I walked down the hall and was like oh no. haha The Gweru house at its finest!
I love you guys so much! The gospel is so true. So grateful for the Atonement each and everyday. 
Have a fabulous week.
Sister Arbon

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