Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 7 in Zimbabwe

Hello family and friends!!!!
Monday: Transfer day! We dropped Sister Erickson at the Bravo (big bus) to head to Harare so she could pick up her new trainee. Then we dropped Sister Otieno in Mkoba to her new area. Then we cleaned like the dickens. Our house is a lot less dirty which is always good. haha Then we played some soccer. Shopped then came home and cooked some yummy dinner.
Tuesday: I truly love personal study every morning. I read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon everyday. I love this book. It is so powerful and enlightening. We had District Meeting. I gave the Doctrinal Study about teaching with the spirit. This opened my eyes to how much the spirit really does when we teach. We met with Bro Phiri. I love this man. We taught him about the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. He is so beyond ready. I am so excited for his baptism on the 2nd of July!!!! We taught Sis Grace about Lehi's vision.

Wednesday: Today I read about being truly purified. I learned that I totally need to let go of some worldly things and focus more on doing the Lord's work His way. All our appointments fell through. We went to teach Shedrick but he was super busy cleaning the church grounds so we decided to help him. While we were helping him a member in our ward stole money from Sister Bandi and I's bag. So we had no money to get home. I hated that feeling. Then the Zone leaders gave us a ride home. We got to meet Sister Telemwa Sister Erickson's new companion. She is so sweet.
Thursday: We had lovely weekly planning. I love it but sometimes it just drags on and on. haha Again every appointment fell through. I feel Heavenly Father is trying to teach us a lesson. I am going to do my best to figure this lesson out so I can better serve Him. So we contacted all day. Crossing my fingers new promising investigators come out of it.
Friday: More appointments fell through again. Sister Bandi and I are getting pro at contacting. haha We taught an attorney. That was interesting. Then we taught Bro Phiri about the plan of Salvation. He soaks everything in. I just have a love for him that I can't describe.Then we had coordination with Bro Shava. He cracks me up.
Saturday: Today was a lovely day. I definitely needed it. We went and taught a guy named Simba (a guy we met on the street a couple weeks ago). He is so ready for the gospel. The lesson was so powerful about faith, repentance and baptism. Then we went over to the Shava's house. I love this family. They are amazing. I want their youngest daughter to marry Kael. haha Simon and his friend about the plan of Salvation. Simon's friend was more excited about then him.  Kinda funny. haha We went shopping and while we were outside buying bananas a guy walked by me and said I want to marry a white woman like you. Then Sister Bandi said she isn't white. I couldn't stop laughing. haha.
Sunday: I love the Sacrament! I gave a talk in church about self reliance involving knowledge, vision, and hard work. Then I taught the gospel principles class about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Then we taught Moses again. His lessons are teaching me patience. He asks the same question over and over again but at least he is learning. Then we taught Ayanda about Alma the younger. I love that story on what repentance truly can do. Then we had Missionary Home Evening. It went well. Love my zone!
I love Zimbabwe. I love serving my Savior! The church is true! The Book of Mormon is the best book ever!
Sister Arbon

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