Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Week 5 in Zimbabwe

Hello Family and Friends,
This week was a fabulous week! Love my mission! I am grateful Heavenly Father changed His no to a yes!
An average P-day. We flooded our house, emailed, chilled, and shopped for groceries.
District meeting was good. Love spending time with my district. Our district bought t-shirts. We taught Simon, an investigator. He is coming along. Hopefully committed to baptism very soon. Then we contacted a ton.
Today we contacted like crazy but we had more meaningful contacts than our usual kind. When we talked to people we tried to get to know them a bit and share a short message with them. We visited Sister grace and melody. They are doing good. I just wish they had the desire to go to church and know how important the sacrament is.
Seemed like a long day but was an overall great day. I got proposed to twice this day. Up to 21 marriage proposals. We taught Simon again. We taught him the restoration. He is coming to know the importance of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Love it! Then we got Sister Bandi's hair done. So grateful I do not have black hair. When we were at the salon a guy started talking to me and said he wanted me to be his wife. Zim men have issues. While he was trying to convince me he said that he doesn't have to die to see an angel because he saw me. hahahaha Oh man!
We taught a guy named sam. We only had 15 mins but a very good, short, and powerful lesson about the restoration. Visited with Paul and Ester and taught about prophets. It sparked an interest which was good because they seem that they didn't have an interest. We went over to Bro Shava's house. I truly love that family. They are so cute! Sister Shava makes such yummy food. 
We met with Bro Peri and taught him for the first time. I saw him in white being baptized. He is so ready. We taught a referral Sister Lisa and her sister. Very receptive and in need of direction and love. Then we taught sister grace and melody again. This lesson was really good about the Plan of Salvation. The spirit was so strong.
Holy Hannah! What a day. Sister Bandi and I got locked into our house. So we called the zone leaders but they weren't picking up. So we called the district leader but he said he would call after sacrament. We started freaking because there is no other way out of our house. Then the zone leaders came and kicked the door down. I cut my finger pretty bad. I hope it heals properly. We barely made it on time for church. We had a primary program today. So cute. We visited some people today.
Love the gospel! So grateful to share my testimony everyday of my beloved Savior!
Sister Arbon

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