Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 1 in Zimbabwe

Hey ya'll!
I am in Zim! I am still catching myself saying I can't believe I am in Zim! I am assigned to Gweru.My new companion is Sister Bandi! She is so beautiful, crazy, fun, and awesome! We are white washing our area. We walked right into a baptism. Sister Grace is now a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints! Yay! Can you believe I am living in the same house as Sister Erickson.? So grateful. Our house not going to lie is pretty nasty. haha The first day was hard. I missed america so much but Zim is growing on me. I am one of like 3 white people in zim. I have been asked by 3 men to get married. haha Combies that we ride in everyday are death traps. I miss my mountains. I am starting to feel that I am black. haha The weather is so nice. Sadly it is winter. I am going to die in the summer. Love the people here. they are so friendly. My dl's and zl's are awesome. Our house got a washer so I don't have to bucket wash! Praises! I have only seen like 3 spiders and coc roches. so that is good. I am struggling with the culture a little bit but all good. I shower works so no more bucket showers. I am a lucky duck that is for sure. haha I have learned like 5 words in shona. So people are shocked that I am even trying to speak their language haha. the first time I went walking in our area there was some kids that just scream and looking at me because am white. So funny. I ate one of the catipillar things. So gross. haha We taught some recent converts yesterday. They are so cute. they are two little black boys. Makes me miss my Kai and Kael. We taught a part member family also. The dad has a hang up with the church but you can tell he knows it is true. drives me crazy but everyone has their agency. We talk about temples so much I feel in heaven! I am so excited for the Harare Zimbabwe Temple!
Sending love from Zim!
Sister Arbon

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