Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 19 in Zimbabwe!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was an amazing week! I love my new area. It is very ghetto and the people are amazing!

Monday: Took a long Bravo(bus) ride to Harare. Then we got to the mission office to get my new companions. While I was there I saw my first zone leader Elder Nyamhuri. I miss that guy. Then emailed what I could. Then met with Sister Smith and Dyantyisi. Sweet Sisters. Then we went shopping.

Tuesday: We had district meeting and we learned about finding and having the diligence to always be searching for those souls who are ready to receive the gospel. The missionaries in the Kuwadzana District are: Elder Manyonga, Chindime, Sister Beckstead, Ziqubu, Smith, Dyantyisi and I. Then we had to go to the clinic because Sister Beckstead was having stomach issues. We were there all day so I wasn't able to experience the area yet but all is well because Sister Beckstead is doing better. 

Wednesday: We headed to White Cliff (one of my areas) for the day. We contacted like champs. We taught MaiCarel who was going to be baptized on Saturday about baptism and what to expect Saturday. She is so cute and ready for baptism. Then we taught a recent convert family called the Chipezani's. We taught them about missionary work and the importance that every member is a missionary. Then we taught other teenage boys who are recent converts about the language of prayer and how important it is to show respect for Heavenly Father as we pray. Then we went and taught Golden about baptism because he was to be baptized on Saturday. 

Thursday: We had my favorite weekly planning. It is weird having companions work with during weekly planning. Then we headed to Kuwadzana Extention. We taught a less active named Sister Domingo about service. She is a cute older gogo (grandma). I hope she will regain her testimony and have a desire to come to church. Then we contacted some more. Then we went and taught a guy named John and his friends about baptism and the Holy Ghost. They seem a little jokerish but hopefully they will come to know the church is true and act on it. Then we taught a referral name Rachel a little bit about the Restoration. She is so cute! Then we went and taught Happis about the Plan of Salvation. He is shy but a good guy. Hopefully baptism soon with him. Then we went and saw Golden again to go over a few topics and make sure he was ready for his baptism Saturday. We came home and the power was out. Very entertaining. Got to love Zimbabwe. 

Friday: We had to move rooms because the other sisters had the master suite. That was interesting. Before we switched rooms I was sleeping on a little foam mattress from the transfer house. I forgot to take a picture...dang. We picked up our branch president Gondzo and he came and taught with us. We taught a referral president Gondzo had a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. Then he took us to see more people. He is a great, energetic and striving for the missionary work to go forth in our branch. Then we taught the Chipezani's about priesthood and auxiliaries to help them get more comfortable with the church and how it is ran. Then we had interviews with our baptismal candidates. They passed! Yahooo! Cooked some yummy tacos! Thank you Momma for the great package! 

Saturday: We headed to the Kuwandzana 2 chapel for Golden and MaiCarel's baptism. Golden didn't show up. I wonder what is up with him. The baptismal service was so simple and sweet. MaiCarel was so ready! We contacted in White Cliff a bit. Then we saw Effort's (a recent convert) mom and shared with her Alma 7:11-13. It talks about the Atonement and how much Christ truly does loves us and wants us to use that power to be able to return and live with Him again. I hope she will come to expect the gospel soon and have her family united in the gospel. Then we went and taught Willard about the Plan of Salvation. He is so ready for baptism next week. Then we went to go teach a referral but she told us she doesn't agree with our message and doesn't want us to teach. Very let's just say weird. haha Then we headed to Extension and taught a cute girl named Rachel. She understood the Restoration so well and asked inspiring questions. I see good things in her future. Then we saw a recent convert named Elisabeth and taught her about tithing. She just gave birth to a cute little boy. 

Sunday: Oh Sunday! Got to love them. I love the sacrament and the sweet talks about self reliance from the members of the branch. We taught gospel principles and then tried to teach the primary kids some primary songs. They are so adorable. Then we headed to the Elder's baptism and wedding. I saw my first district leader Elder Chimukuzi. I have missed that guy. The wedding and baptism went smoothly and a very cute service. Then we went to Gogo's house and she feed us so much stinking food. haha Then we went to a Family Home Evening in the other Sister's area. The family was so cute. We played games, had yummy food, and had dessert. 

I am truly grateful Heavenly Father sent me to Zimbabwe and trusted me to teach His sons and daughters. They are amazing. Their testimony and love for the Lord truly humble me. I love this gospel and the blessings I receive each day from it. I know Christ is the Savior of the world and He suffered for all our afflictions and sins and died and was resurrected so we could overcome physical and spiritual death. The Book of Mormon is amazing and has helped and is helping me get closer to Christ everyday. I love being a missionary. Being away from home and family is hard but serving the Lord is so worth it and is more of a blessing and privilege then anything else! 


Sister Arbon 

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