Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 16 in Zimbabwe!


This week had a lot more going on and more lessons that were taught so it was delightful! 

Monday: P-day! Love talking to family and friends over email. We also did a lot of cleaning. Very slow but good p-day. 

Tuesday: Today was a super cold day. We had district meeting. We learned about planning and such. We taught a guy named Noburt about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He seemed distracted hopefully he got something out of it. Then we walked down the street and taught some guys about the Plan of Salvation. Love lessons and prayers in the street. Then we taught a guy that works at the internet cafe. He got super confused with the Book of Mormon so we had to have him start back with the Restoration. Then we taught Simon about the Book of Mormon. He is a good guy. Then we went to see Sis Faith and we taught her guy friends again. 

Wednesday: We were headed to Ivene and this guy yells at me and tells me that he came to church twice which he didn't and if he comes one more time he can marry me. thought it was funny. We saw the Chiriga family. They are so prepared. We taught about the Book of Mormon and the Plan of Salvation. I bore my testimony with the spirit I could tell they could feel it too. One of the coolest experiences on my mission so far. Then we saw this guy named Edward and discussed about the pre earth life. Then we saw a less active Livingstone. Crazy and adamant that the church is not the true church. Then we saw Violet and read from the Book of Mormon. Then we went and taught a pastor about the priesthood. It is crazy when the spirit hits and tells them what they are doing isn't right. Then we taught Malvin about the Book of Mormon. 

Thursday: We had great weekly planning. We taught a guy named Makuda about the Restoration. He understood very well. Then  we went and taught Simon. Very slow day. Then the Elders came over and we had Christmas like we always do on the 25th haha. 

Friday: Then we saw a guy named Kudz. He was adamant the Book of Mormon isn't true. Then we headed to town and picked up Simon. We taught Makuda again. He is awesome. He just needs to come to church. Then we headed to Senga. We taught Simon's friend about the Restoration. She understood it very well. Then we contacted a bit. Then we headed back to town. We taught Sasha the rest of the Restoration. He is good but he isn't coming to church. Then we taught Malvin more about the Book of Mormon. Then we went to the Shava's had coordination and ate yummy food. We talked about Isiah 53: 3-8 talks about the Atonement. So humbling. 

Saturday: We went to 2 baptisms for the other missionaries in our zone. Good to see so many people dressed in white. Then we went to Family Fun Day with the ward. So fun. We played lots of games and such. Then we went to see a referral but he wasn't there so we taught his wife instead. Hopefully we can teach both of them soon! Then we were walking to an appt and 8 guys stopped us so we taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ! Then we saw Madiwa and talked more about the Restoration. 

Sunday: Love the Sacrament. Then we taught Moses about the Plan of Salvation. He is a good guy just takes awhile to explain himself. Then we went to the other Sisters' baptisms. Then we saw Livingstone again. He was rude and didn't want to listen when we taught him about the Book of Mormon. Sad that Satan can do that to people. Then we went to the Murrahwa's house(a family in our ward) and chatted with them for a while. Then we went to the Ziannai's but they weren't home. 

I love being a missionary. I love Zimbabwe! Keep nourishing your testimony or Satan will try to destory it. 

Love you all!
Sister Arbon

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