Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 15 in my Zimbabwe!

Hello Family and Friends,
Not going to lie this week was really slow.
Monday:We cleaned our yard like champs haha. I truly love studies. It is my pleasure time everyday. Emailed. Love talking to my loved ones. Played some soccer. So fun. Then we shopped a bit. Then we went home cooked and talked.
Tuesday: We had Zone meeting. Very long but very informative. Learned about Christ-like attributes. Then we were walking in town and these druggies stopped us and of course one of them wants to marry me. haha  We introduced the Restoration to them. They are crazy souls. haha We found Nyasha (the homeless guy). He is so humble and willing to learn. We talked to him about the Book of Mormon. Then we taught a guy named Sasha and committed him to baptism but he didn't show to church but we will work on that. Then we tried to find Simon but he wasn't around.
Wednesday: I studied President Monson's talks from general conference. His talks are short but powerful. Priesthood and the choices we make are so key! Then we stopped by the Chiriga Family that we met in Senga but they live in Ivene. They are so prepared. I hope and pray they truly gain a testimony of this beloved gospel. They are getting legally married next week! So we don't even have to worry about marriage issues with baptism! Hooray! Then we tried to find our other appointments but they weren't there. Then we taught this crazy dude named Edward. He likes to bible bash but we were pretty good at bearing our testimonies and not getting heated with him. Then after he told us he was this secret agent. so funny. haha Then we found Madiwa I guy we met on the street and taught him about the Restoration. Cool guy.
Thursday: We had weekly planning! It was long but we are getting better at it. Then we headed into town and taught Nyasha a little bit about the plan of Salvation. Then we taught Simon about scripture study and how truly important it is! Then we head to Bravo for exchanges with the STL's in Bulawayo.
Friday: We got to study! Then I did companion study with Sister Stegelmeir. It went so well. I was able to get advice from her that truly helped. Then we headed to the STL's area. I love their area it is ghetto. We taught a guy named Bogani about the word of wisdom. Then we taught another guy about the restoration. Then we taught some drunk guys about the word of wisdom. quite funny. haha Then we taught a less active family about the Book of Mormon. So powerful! Then we taught this group of guys about the plan of Salvation. Then we came home had dinner, we did a puzzle (Aunt Corey) haha, and chatted with the other sisters for a while.
Saturday: We woke up early and headed home on Bravo. Then we went to Mormon Helping Hands with our ward. We cleaned an old peoples home. So dirty and sad to see but glad we could help. Then we went to teach a guy but he wasn't there. Then we went to see the Chiriga family again. They are so ready! Then we stopped by other people's homes but they weren't there. Then we saw Violet and talked about the Law of Chasity and the Book of Mormon. She is so cute and understands so well. Then we went over to the Shava's and did ward coordination and had a braai. I truly love that family.
Sunday: Church was fabulous. Got to love the sacrament. Sadly enough no investigators came to church. We taught some less actives about the Baptismal covenant. Hopefuly they will have a desire to start keeping it again. Then we went and said hi to the Shavas. Then we went and taught the father (Baba) of the Ziannai family about the plan of Salvation. He understood very well! Then we went to the Rutsate family house for dinner. They made us authentic Zimbabwean food. Peanut butter rice and brown sadza with veggies and roadrunner chicken. So yummy. We talked about about fulfilling our callings. They are adorable. They are an amazing family. The Baba is the 1st counselor in the bishopbric. 

It is hard being away from home but I know this is where I need to be. Heavenly Father and the Savior strengthen me everyday to keep finding those brothers and sisters of mine who are ready to receive the gospel. The Atonement is amazing. 1Nephi 19:9. 

I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Arbon  

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