Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 12 in Zimbabwe

Hello Family and Friends!
Monday: Pretty much like any other P-day! haha Emailed, wrote letters, and shopped.
Tuesday: We had district meeting. I love district meeting. I love my district. I am really going to miss them. We went and taught Watson and Cezar about why we are here on earth. The lesson went pretty well. Cezar seems so eager to learn more but Watson on the other hand seems not interested. I just wish everyone knew how much the gospel is a blessing. We taught Misi about Jesus Christ establishing His Church. He is gaining a desire to know more which is always good to see. Then we taught Simon about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost. He is doing awesome. Progressing so well. He is going to be a great member of the church.
Wednesday: We saw this guy named Paul. We talked about life before earth and the Book of Mormon. He seems he knows what is going on but struggles with commitments. We were walking down the street and Sister Bandi said lets teach this woman. So we went and taught this mother. She is awesome. During the lesson I would play with her little boy while Sister Bandi taught. The little boy reminded me of Kai and Kael. I miss them. Then we went and taught Violet about tithing and following the prophet. She learns very quickly but has issues with coming to church. I am sad because we might drop her soon. We went to a less actives house and taught her about prayer. Prayer is so vital. It is where I receive most of my courage and peace. Then we ran into a family we have taught before but then they kind of disappeared. They seem like they want more lessons. So we will see.
Thursday-Friday: We had weekly planning. Very good but long. Then we saw Sister Shava and chatted with her a little bit. She is an amazing woman. Then we went to town and taught Cezar and Watson about the rest of the Plan of Salvation. They took it very well. We were heading back to church and I promised a lady the day before we would come see her but Sister Bandi refused to see her. I went to see her but Sister Bandi went the other way. Yes I left my companion. Before you tell me I am a bad missionary listen to the rest of the story. So I got a call from Sister Erickson and she said to call President so I did. I told him my companion left me. Kinda weird but an important part of the story. Then I found her at the chapel. She acted like nothing happened so we kept teaching. We taught Simon about Faith and how important it was. Very good lesson and reminder how important faith is. We went contacting and a guy totally did a weird handshake and then pulled me in for a hug. I couldn't use my ninja moves that time. haha When we came home Sister Bandi found that I called President and freaked. She called the STL's, ZLs, and DL. The STLs talked to me and gave me fire for leaving my companion. I could hear Sister Bandi all that night talking to Sister Talemwa in Luganda about me. I promise this story will end and have a good moral to it. haha Then the next morning the Stake President came and checked our houses to see if we had anything that wasn't mission approved. Then the ZL's and DL came over and talked to Sister Bandi and I about the day before. They kept talking about how we had pride. The spirit hit me like a huge wave. I was being prideful. Honestly I was blaming Sister Bandi for our lack of success and joker investigators. Then I started looking at myself as the problem. I needed to learn humility. I feel this experience helped me to become a true missionary. We can't blame others for our actions. I apologized to Sister Bandi. We were like best friends after. I loved it. We taught Brother Misi about the Book of Mormon. A powerful lesson and the spirit was so strong. He said the Book of Mormon was true!!!! I love those words. We invited him to be baptized and he accepted!!!! We taught this older guy about the godhead. He loves to talk but I think it is because he lives alone. Then we taught Violet about prayer. I wish she had a desire to come to church. Then we taught Simba and Clive about the Book of Mormon. They are progressing so well. Hopefully next appt we can invite them to baptism. Then we were headed home and the other Sisters called and said our power was out but everyone that lived by us had power. So we called the ZLs to help check it out for us. Someone turned off our power. We feel it is the same guy that stole our money. The lights came back on and all was well.
Saturday: The ZLs and DLs came over to help us clean our compound. They are the best. Then Sister Bandi and I did marathon 12 week to finish it all. We went and saw Paul. He seems like he is really progressing. He said the Book of Mormon was true!!!! Then we went and saw a lady in Ivene. We taught her about Christ washing the apostles feet. We then taught these guys that were at the government building across from church about the Godhead. Then transfers came in. I am staying in Gweru and my new companion is Sister Buthelzi. I am excited to meet her Monday. Then we had a party for Elder Chimukuzi because he was going home the next day.
Sunday: Church was lovely. Love the Sacrament. Then we taught the lady we found the other day about how the gospel blesses families. I played with her little boy again. So cute. Then we taught Ayanda about the Book of Mormon and gave him treats. He is adorable. Love that kid. Then we went over to the Shava's so Sister Bandi could say goodbye. That is when it hit that Sister Bandi was really leaving. Then we had cake for Elder Yohane's Birthday. Then everyone came over so we could say our goodbyes. I am truly going to miss Sister Bandi and the Elders that are leaving.
I love being a missionary. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I have already learned so much and gained a stronger testimony of my Savior!
Sister Arbon

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