Sunday, August 21, 2016

Week 14 in Zimbabwe!

Hello Family and Friends!
This week was a pretty good one in Zimbabwe! Got to love being a missionary!
Monday: P-day! Was a good day. We cleaned our house like champs. Then we went to town and emailed. Love talking to family and friends.
Tuesday: We had district meeting. Our district leader showed up 30 mins late. Holy Hannah. hahaha We tried to see some people that we have taught before but they weren't there because of holiday. Then we were walking back to the church and this white guy comes up to me and starts talking to me about the US. We taught this guy named Nyasha. He is so sweet but struggles with English. He is homeless and lives underneath a bridge. He calls us all the time because he wants us to teach him. He is amazing. Then we went to teach a girl that lives in the cottage (house out back) of the Zone leaders house but she was busy.
Wednesday: We went and taught Tanashe and Marshal. The lesson was a struggle. They weren't being serious and they couldn't understand why drinking would be so bad. They kept saying things to have us stay and try to answer their questions but we had another appt so we were out. We tried to see Paul but we were so late that he was busy with something else. Then we went and taught Mike and Rodney. Mike is an investigator and Rodney is a less active. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. The lesson went well. I hope they come to love it like I do. That book is so powerful! Then we went and taught Sister Violet about 1Nephi 3. I love verse 7: I will go and do what the Lord has commanded and He will provide a way. No matter what task He gives us he will help us accomplish that task. Then we found 2 random guys on the street and taught them the Plan of Salvation. They seemed very interested. Then we went and saw a member. Sis Govere. She is so kind and sweet. She is very missionary active. She loves giving us referrals and such.
Thursday: We had my favorite weekly planning. I really do like it. It helps the next week go by so much smoother. Then we went to town. Elder Tsongora helped us teach Nyasha because he knows Shona. Nyasha is awesome and is so prepared. Thank you TJ. Then we had fall through after fall through. We met a less active in the street. He has a hang up with baptism because it wasn't in a river. Really weird but okay. We went to an apartment complex to see this guy we met on the street but he wasn't there. So we started knocking on doors and asking people if we could teach them. We met a lady named Cynthia. We taught her about prophets and she seemed so interested. Hopefully this next week she will progress. Then we stopped by a members house the Rumbie's. They are so cute and they fed us dinner.
Friday: We saw Tanashe and Marshal again. They were more serious this appt which was good. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. I hope they read and gain a testimony. Then we went to Senga another part of our area. It is more ghettoish. I love it. We taught Marshal's brother about the Restoration. He understood very well. Then we contacted like crazy and taught a couple of mini lessons in the street. I love teaching mini lessons in the street. Praying and teaching a principle. Weird but how Sister Arbon rolls. haha
Saturday: We went to Sister Erickson's and Talemwa's baptism. Those ladies were so prepared. I gave the Holy Ghost talk. 2Nephi 31: 11-12,18,21. Baptism is not complete without the confirmation of the Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost completes that action of repentance.  Then we taught Nyasha more of the Restoration with Elder Tsongora's help. Then we contacted and tracted like no one's business. haha Then we taught Blessing (Simon's friend) about the Restoration. He is so receptive. I see good this from him. Then we saw Sister Faith and taught 4 of her guy friends about the Plan of Salvation. They seem to be interested. Love the Gospel.
Sunday: We had church! I just love the Sacrament so much! Then we had coordination with Brother Shava after church. Then we went and taught Malvin a recent convert about scripture study. Such a cute 10 year old. Then we went and saw the Dubes, less actives. Talked about the importance of the Sabbath Day. Then we went to the Shava's. They fed us dinner and we gave a little message about the Atonement. So grateful for the Atonement and the strength it gives me everyday to keep going!
I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Arbon

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