Friday, August 12, 2016

Week 13 in my Beautiful Zimbabwe!

Hello people that I love! 

This week was a very good week. I got my new companion Sister Buthelezi. She is from South Africa and she is an awesome missionary. We met up with the Chisiri family during the week a couple of times and taught them. We taught them about the Restoration. When we saw them on Sunday Marshal told us as we were teaching him and Tanashe that he had the feeling he needs to come to church next Sunday. I am so grateful when Heavenly Father has the spirit speak through us as we teach. Watson and Cezar are doing good when it comes to us teaching them but they struggle with coming to church. I wish They would just take that little step of faith and come to church. 
Sister Buthelezi and I tracted for the first time this week. We knocked on gates and asked if we could teach the people we met. Very interesting experience. I liked it but I would rather have many investigators to teach all day everyday instead of tracting a lot. We saw Brother Phiri this week and talked with him. He totally disappeared on us. It was good to find him again. He is so ready for baptism but he is letting Satan keep him from getting there. 

Sorry this weekly was shorter. I struggle with writing them every week. I love being a missionary though. I have grown in so many ways. Heavenly Father is so merciful to me. I know the church is true. So grateful for a Savior who willing suffered for my sins so I am able to return and live my Heavenly Father again. 

I love you all!

Sister Arbon

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