Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 59 in Zimbabwe!!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

What a wonderful week in Mabvuku. We were able to see a man named Charles. Charles is a man that is conflicted. He is deciding between two churches to join... Jehovah Witness and of course the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He is struggling to recognize his answer. We asked him how he felt about the Book of Mormon when he read and prayed about it. He said it feels right and he loves reading it. Than with the J.W.s he says sometimes he runs away from them and such. You would think this would be an obvious choice but to most it isn't. Joining a church is a life changing move in life. It could either make you or break you. Salvation or damnation. Hopefully as the time goes on that we can help him recognize his answers so he could start on the path of salvation. Then we saw the Muchena's. They are a sweet couple. We went to visit them and the husband freaked out. Their pastor found out we were teaching them and came and threatened them that he would curse them if they came to our church. We were able to talk with them though and see what the issue really was. I think they know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true but they again are struggling to find the courage to follow that answer. We were able to share scriptures from the Book of Mormon. They felt so much peace and were grateful that we came and talked with them. Hopefully in the future they will have the courage to follow Christ in His true church. Then we had the baptism of the lovely Anesu, Caroline, and Yanale. Anesu is a daughter of a member who just started coming back to church. At first she didn't keep commitments and didn't seem very interested. Then she started going to seminary with a friend and all of the sudden she seemed very serious and had a great desire to be baptized. Then sweet Caroline, she is amazing and so strong. She started coming to church with one of her friends a while back. She is stronger in the gospel than her friend is now. She comes to church every Sunday, goes to seminary everyday and so forth. We were able to finally meet with her and teach her all the lessons. Then Yanale, she also came to church with her friend. She loved coming to church and so forth. Her struggle was English. She can't speak it hardly at all. We were able to finally teach her all the lessons and she was prepared for baptism. The baptism wasn't the smoothest baptism I have ever had. When we came for the baptism there was a sewage block. So the font was not filling and sewage was a problem. 2 hours later the amazing priesthood leaders were able to fix the blockage and clean the font so the baptism could go on. The girls were so patient. Their smiles get me every time after they are baptized. I love being a missionary and doing the work of the Lord. I hope you do your best to love others as Christ loves you. 

Have a delightful week!!!

Sister Arbon

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