Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 24 in Zimbabwe!!!!

Hello Family and Friends, 

I hope you guys had a great week because it was another great week in Kuwadzana. We went back to see Gracious. She is one powerful woman. We talked to her about life on Earth and how it is to prepare to meet and live with God again. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and got to baptism and was like how can I be baptized. So we talked about how she needed to be legally married and she was like I am going to work on that right away. She is so ready and so prepared to be baptized. Brother Matambo and Happious were baptized this week!! They were so ready. Their smiles after they came out of the water is what makes being a missionary so sweet! I truly love being a missionary and helping others make the covenants they need to be able to live with God again. Transfers are today! I am leaving Kuwadzana. I am going to Epworth and my new companion is Sister Jones. I am super excited for the new adventures that await me in Epworth!
Love you all! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Arbon

Email from Johnni's companion...

Hello Friends and Family!
This week has been a rollar coaster in the field! On Tuesday we had headed to our chapel for District Meeting only to find that all of Kuwadzana was completely out of water! Everyone was flocking the chapel lines all the way out the gate and around the neighborhood because the Church always has water. We had to drive through this crowd and the number of people amazed me. The lines went on all week even on the day we were baptizing! Though only to show up and find the font completely dry. With some help of the people we were able to fill the font! It filled my soul with such joy to see Happious and Happy enter into the waters of baptism! It sure made Sunday even more incredible! Their Testimonies of the Gospel are already blossoming. They both expressed how much they loved Heavenly Father for providing them with a way to return to live with him once again. They both come from broken family backgrounds, though it just makes me so happy to know we were even able to help others on the other side too! I know that the Church is very True! Missionary work isnt always as easy as we think it to be at times, though doing the right thing and serving the Lord is very rewarding to my soul. I hope you all have a great week! I am looking forward to the new transfer, I am now serving with Sister Anyango from Uganda!
Sister Smith

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