Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 22 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

I hope you guys had an amazing week! This week was another great week to be a missionary in the the Zimbabwe Harare Mission. We are finding a ton of new people that are progressing very well in an area that we have been struggling with. Isn't it amazing how Heavenly Father can soften the hearts of the people and lead the missionaries to them when they are ready to receive the gospel. The key to finding these prepared people is to follow the spirit. To have the spirit we need to be humble enough to hear it and heed its promptings. Also we need to be obedient and worthy to have the spirit with us in the first place. We are still teaching the amazing Chipisani family. Sister Dyantyisi and Smith found a powerful family. The family loves the gospel and wants to learn as much as they can so they can come closer to the Savior. Brother Happy is doing so well. When we were teaching him this week we were talking to him about the marriage issue and he was getting frustrated because his wife hasn't come home lately and doesn't call home to check up on him and the kids. Our branch president President Gonzo talked to him and found out they have been separated and is good to be baptized. Yahoo!!!! Sad that him and his wife aren't together but happy that he can make the covenant of baptism. We got to watch the last session of General Conference! Man it was powerful! Couldn't have asked for more amazing talks to end the conference! I loved the talks by Elder Rasband and Renlund. Elder Rasband: Do not forget... your faith. Faith is what keeps us going and helps us trust our Savior. Elder Renlund: When we choose to repent we choose the Savior in our lives. 

I love the Savior! I am grateful Heavenly Father has entrusted me to serve His amazing children of Zimbabwe. I am grateful for prophets and the revelation they receive to help us withstand temptation and come closer to the Savior. I am grateful for Joseph Smith and his willingness to restore Christ's gospel back to the earth and willingness to go through so many hardships and eventually die so the gospel may go forth. I love this gospel and humbled that I get to share it with other people! I am grateful for temples and the opportunity to be sealed to my family for eternity! Reading the Book of Mormon everyday helps give us strength and keep Satan at bay. 

I love you all!!!! Have a great week!

Sister Arbon

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