Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 38 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was another great week to be a missionary in Mbizo. The members are amazing. They gives us so many referrals and they help us teach those referrals. It amazes me how when the members and the missionaries work together the work goes so well and many family members and friends become truly converted. Sister Wells and I got to go find a lot of referrals this week. We got lost a lot but we found them and others who are prepared to make a covenant with our loving Heavenly Father. I received a referral from a friend in one of my past areas and when we met him for the first time I felt we had a special bond that I cannot describe. I am so excited to help him and his family come closer to the Savior. We were able to see this cute gogo and her daughter this week that are members of our ward. They were so excited when we asked them if we could visit them. We went to their house and we shared a mini message about charity. Sister Sibanda started sharing her testimony about the Book of Mormon. I started to cry. The spirit hit me like a train! The Book of Mormon is true and can bring you closer to Christ if we live the teachings in it. Then we met a referral from our ward mission leader. The referral is named Brother Loud. He is so prepared. We discussed repentance with him because he had questions about it because he struggles with drinking and smoking. He was like I thought repentance you had to stop the bad sin all at once. This can be done sometimes but repentance is a process and takes time to become fully sin free but don't worry the Savior is with us every step of the way. He is there to encourage us and pick us up if we stumble. I am grateful for the Atonement and the opportunity to try again and be able to become clean from my sins. I am also grateful that I get to help my brothers and sisters on the road of repentance on the way to eternal life. I love being a missionary. I am grateful I was called to the amazing land of Zimbabwe and to meet the amazing people that I get to see everyday!
Have a great week!!
Sister Arbon

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