Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 42 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a week of learning and growing for me. A week that I really needed. I learned a lot about repentance and how it isn't just for those who do major sins but it is for everyone too. We all make mistakes that take us from the straight and narrow path. For example: getting upset at someone, thinking a negative thought and so forth. Repentance isn't suppose to be scary, it is suppose to be joyful. It is to help us change to become something better and closer to Christ. I am grateful I get to help others repent everyday and come closer to their Savior. My companion and I got to go on exchanges with the STLs. It was so nice. I learned a lot about what kind of missionary I am and the missionary I needed to be. I realized that I need to always be improving and striving to do what is right. I was also able to watch the Missionary Broadcast. It was amazing and so uplifting. Some quotes:
"You can't teach repentance unless you practice repentance." Elder Oaks
"Always keep the Saviors name on your lips." Elder Anderson
"A testimony isn't what we say it is what we are!" Elder Bednar
I love these quotes because it shows us what we should always be striving to do. I love that a mission is the best school to improve and learn. Bro Ngwenya is progressing so well. He loves coming to church and he ACCEPTED to be baptized!!!!! I am so excited for him! Sister Nono is so ready for baptism. So when we taught her this week she pulled out a notebook with all her notes. She let us read them. She understands and gets so excited about the teachings. I am so excited for her this Saturday. We saw Maimaka and Pedzai this week. They are struggling with their families. Their families are against the the church and think we are Satanist. They asked us some questions and then testified to us that no matter what they know this is Christ's true church. I love this gospel. Even though trials may come the Savior is there to support us and guide us to our Heavenly Father. I am grateful I am a missionary for the true church of Jesus Christ and get to bear my testimony with my words and actions everyday. 

I love you all! Have a lovely week!

Sister Arbon 

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