Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 43 in Zimbabwe!!!!

Dear Family and friends,
This week was another blessed week in Mbizo! Sis Nono, Tatenda, and Reward were BAPTIZED and CONFIRMED!!!!! I am so grateful Heavenly Father let me be a part of their journey to come unto Him! They were all referrals from ward members. Member missionary work is so crucial for others to come unto Christ! I hope you strive to be a good example and live the testimony that you have. People do notice what you do and if you are a light they will want to have that light. If you are happy they will want to have the same happiness that you have. A cute quote from a recent convert, Takudzwa, "The spirit makes me strong." I totally agree. Alma 26:12. We receive our strength from the Lord. He is our real strength. For example: Givemore and Pedzei. Givemore is a recent convert that refuses to come to church on Sundays and he won't tell us why. He has friends there and everything so I am not sure what is going on. It makes me sad that Satan can make you feel that the testimony of coming close to the gospel was not real if you don't continually nourish your testimony and come to church every week and partake of the sacrament. Pedzei on the other hand comes to church every Sunday. He reads his scriptures often and loves the gospel. He even talked to his boss about not working on Sundays. Pedzei not only tasted of the fruit but he kept feasting on the words and works of Christ! It makes me sad that some of the people I helped enter the waters of baptism are struggling and aren't partaking of all the blessings they could have. The Lord knows what is going on and will help us help Givemore.
Update about Bro Ngwenya is so beyond ready for baptism on the 18th of March! His son bore his testimony in sacrament yesterday and said that his patriarchal blessing said that one day his family and parents would accept the gospel if he stayed faithful. He is seeing that fulfilled with his cousin and his father at this time! I am so grateful to be a missionary. I am grateful Heavenly Father trusted me with His children in Zimbabwe. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
I hope you all have a fabulous week!!
Sister Arbon

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