Friday, December 2, 2016

Week 29 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was another great and crazy week in Epworh! So during this week we met with a guy that we contacted the week or so before and he was majorly drunk when we contacted him. So of course we gave him the word of wisdom pamphlet and he told us he would stop drinking that day. A lot of drunks have told us that in the past so we kind of were like we hope but it usually doesn't happen. So we went back and visited him. He walked up to us and I almost didn't recognize him. He did stop drinking that day and he was so full of light and peace. Obeying God's commandments truly blesses us and we can be full of joy as we obey them. Simon's baptism this week didn't happen according to the plan but it did work out nonetheless. We got everything ready and good to go at 10 am when the baptism was about to start but there was no Simon and no ward mission leader with the program. It tells you how on top of things Epworth is. At 10:30 our ward mission leader shows up and 10 minutes later Simon shows up. The crazy thing was at around 10 a guy we contacted came to the church and wanted to know more. So I am thinking Heavenly Father delayed the baptism on purpose so the guy we contacted could hear the truth and the love of Jesus Christ's message. The baptism was amazing and full of the spirit. Simon was so ready and definitely prepared by our loving Heavenly Father. This weekend was also stake conference weekend for the Harare South Stake. I loved it. My mission president and his wife spoke at it. Sister Mkhabela said, "We are not here to like each other, we are here to serve each other!" I loved this quote because sometimes we feel that our leaders need to be approachable, friendly, and our best friends to like them but what we truly need from them is their guidance and love. This life isn't about us it is about serving others (Mosiah 2:17) and helping come to know the Joy that we experience everyday. Fadzai, Marvelous, and Charmaine are progressing so well. They come to church every Sunday and love learning every time we come to teach them. They are getting baptized this next Saturday. Also, Sister Katonika is having her wedding and getting baptized, and Munyarodzi is getting baptized too. I couldn't think of a better way to end the amazing transfer. 

Funny: I got another new name this week Sister Olivia. I have no idea how you get that from Arbon but oh well. haha Also cute kids started running with white powder on their face as we were walking to a recent convert's house. I started yelling murrungo. I thought it was so funny and so adorable at the same time.  

I love all of you so much and hope you have a vivifying week!

Sister Arbon

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