Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 64 in Zimbabwe!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

Mabvuku was giving us a run for our money this week. haha All of our powerful people are being baptized and we are struggling to find more powerful people. Heavenly Father has a reason and a rhyme for everything. Areas aren't always suppose to be productive and easy, if it was it wouldn't be missionary work. With that being said, I was struggling a lot this week. Our teaching pool was down and I know Sister Mobeana was/is blaming me for it. Our bishop gave fire about sacrament meeting attendance and I felt it was because of me. I was walking in the area and I was talking with Heavenly Father and I was telling Him that I am sorry for not being a great missionary and that I am failing you and your children. Then the sweetest response came... Hand the burden over to me. This is My work not yours. I am here to help you. I have a reason for everything. I felt so much peace. Even though our area is struggling, Christ has a purpose for everything! I am grateful for a loving Savior that is so willing to help carry the burdens so we can keep moving forward. Matthew 11: 28-30. We had a lovely zone conference. I love hearing from President Mkhabela and his advice. It helps give me the encouragement to keep moving forward. Some of the quotes I loved:

"God sent you here to be successful."
 "All you need is a testimony of the Book of Mormon."
"Serve and Save."

These quotes are the basics of missionary work. God puts us in certain places to be successful not to fail. A testimony of the Book of Mormon helps you to truly come to know the Savior and gives you the hope for a better tomorrow. We are all commissioned to serve and save God's children that are in unbelief and help them come to know the truth so they can receive salvation. 

Tawanda, Natasha, and Media were baptized this weekend!! Tawanda is so powerful. He did well and was on time for everything. Natasha was a miracle. We thought she was out of town. We went to teach her neighbor and the neighbor brought Natasha to the lesson. We were able to teach her all the lessons so she could enter the waters of baptism. Media is one of the smartest 11 year olds I have ever met. She was baptized but struggled to come to church on Sunday so she will be confirmed next week. 

I love being a missionary. Even though it can be hard at times I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I am grateful for a Savior that is always there for me. All we need to do is turn to Him!

Love you lots, 

Sister Arbon

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